Display advertising is a way to advertise your products or services through the use of images and videos on platforms like Google. Display ads are shown on third party websites and come in many different formats. In this article I will be going over the types of display ads, ad size, ad rank, and ad group. If these topics are interesting to you, feel free to keep reading. If you like my content, I have linked my other pages below!

Display Advertising Types

Display ads are separated into three different categories: site placement advertising, contextual advertising, and remarketing. First, site placement advertising is a type of advertising that allows advertisers to choose which websites they want to run their ads on. Second, contextual advertising is a type of advertising that allows networks to put ads on websites that are relevant to the advertisement. Finally, remarketing is shown to users who have visited a website or page before. This gives users a chance to complete a conversion that they didn’t complete the first time. Overall, these methods of display use a push approach of advertising. In other words, ads are purposely targeted to customers that are relevant or have shown an interest before.

Display Advertising Size

When it comes to display ads there are many different sizes you can go with. You could have an ad that is small enough to fit on a mobile screen. You can also have an ad that is large enough to take up half a page. When making ads it is beneficial to make multiple different sizes so your ads can show up in as much pages as possible. Remember that in order for your ad to count as viewable, 50% must be visible for at least one second. Furthermore, websites only have a certain amount of ad space available. This means that if you are only running larger size ads you might show up on less pages. Another thing to keep in mind is the larger the ad, the more you may end up paying to take up such a large space.

Ad Rank

Another important aspect of display advertising is ad rank. If you want your ad to get shown it has to outrank the competition. Some aspects that go into ranking well are bid, quality score, and ad extensions. These aspects are the same things that go into ranking well for a website. Your ranking is important because it affects how well you do in an ad auction. These ad auctions can run in apps, and websites. One popular platform you may be familiar with is YouTube. Essentially, anytime someone searches a topic in YouTube, your ad has the potential to get shown. However, to display your ad, you have to have a good ranking in order to get picked over competitors in the auction.

Ad Groups

One effective way to run your ads is through ad groups. With this feature, Google allows you to determine your demographic. This means you can choose what region your ads are shown in. You can also choose which ages you would like to advertise to, which gender, and even household income. This can be highly effective so your ads are only shown to relevant people. After all, your spending money when you run ads so you want to make sure you’re spending it as effectively as possible.

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