Programmatic Media Buying Strategies 

Programmatic media buying strategies is the process of buying advertising space. Furthermore, algorithms and data is used to conduct analyses. With the help of these algorithms users are shown the right ads, at the right time, and at the right place. If you would like to find out more about programmatic media buying, the different types are explained below!

Real Time bidding

Real time bidding is is also known as open auction. In other words, this is when prices are decided in real time through an auction. Moreover, this method is open to both a publisher and an advertiser. Additionally, it is seen as the most cost effective way to buy media for large audiences. 

private marketplace

Private marketplace is only open to specific advertisers, in fact, it is invite based only. However, in some cases you can apply for an invitation to be selected.

Pragmatic direct

Pragmatic direct is a method you can use when a publisher is selling media at a specific fixed cost to an advertiser instead of going through an auction. In other words, the publisher is skipping the auction and directly sells to an advertiser.

sell-side platform

Sell-side platform is a software where publishers are selling ad impressions on display, mobile, or video to buyers in real time. Moreover, this allows for more control for the publisher.


Demand-side platform is a software that allows both advertisers and agencies to buy media across all platforms. Therefore, buying media is a lot easier.


Finally, ad exchange is connected with the demand-side platform. In other words, this method allows all users to buy and sell ad space. Additionally, bidding processes take place here and help determine how much people pay.